Meet the Awesome
Asia Podcast Awards & Summit Team!

Our 2019 Awards and Summit couldn’t have happened without the dedication and passion of our team!

Let’s get to know them…

Ling Ling, Tai (Singapore/Malaysia)

Since 2005, Ling Ling has been in corporate training, learning and development for Fortune 500 companies in the technology, travel and not-for-profit and across 21 different countries in America, Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific. She currently runs an intercultural consulting firm called Culture Spark Global.

She founded Southeast Asia’s leading podcast show on professional and organisational development, called Leaders of Learning. She garnered top interviews with Gary Vee, Andrea Edwards, Gina Romero, Dr Oberdan Marianetti and many more.

With listeners from over 130 countries, her podcast show reached #1 in Vietnam, Laos, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia and Cambodia, Top 2 in Singapore the Philippines in the iTunes Top Podcast Charts. Her podcast has recently reached 100k downloads in 1 year.

Currently, she is on a mission to help others to start their podcast show through consulting, coaching and education.

Leaders of Learning Podcast

Raven Lim (Singapore)

Raven is an award winning creative producer who has worked for international broadcasters such as SPE Networks, CNBC and Endeavor.

Back in 2013, she co-founded Tomboy Tirade, Asia’s first comedy chat podcast, which broke barriers during its 4-year run as it featured an all-female panel with Asian women as producers and co-hosts.

In 2018, she launched Freelance Creative Exchange, Singapore’s first podcast for creative freelancers.

She is currently the co-host of The MeaVox podcast, a show about podcasting in bite size episodes. Raven is also the co-founder and Chief Podcast Consultant for MeaVox Live.

Sheen Galupo (Philippines)

Sheen has a degree in Advertising Arts (Bachelor of Fine Arts) and is currently based in the Philippines. She works remotely as a Social Media Manager and a Copywriter, virtually assisting international clients. She’s currently editing show highlights and creating social media posts for The Leaders of Learning Podcast hosted by LingLing.

Norman Chella (Malaysia)

Norman is a freelance podcast copywriter and consultant for podcast companies. Through his company, ThatsTheNorm Media, he runs Podlovers Asia, a show covering the Asian podcasting scene, and Tempered Fables, a short story narrative podcast, with more shows coming out soon. Find out more at

David Wang (Malaysia)

David Wang is a WordPress professional with 10+ years experience helping small business owners and entrepreneurs take control of their websites to take advantage of the web. He is the Head Caretaker of ClickWP, a company that helps independent publishers get reliable and dependable help with WordPress.

When he’s not solving WordPress problems, David spends his time building websites, organizing WordPress community events, speaking about and teaching WordPress. As an avid podcast listener himself, David can help podcasters create attractive and user-friendly websites to as a home base for their podcast.

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.

Helen Keller

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