Session Type: Premium Content

Vocal Tips and Techniques

In podcasting, people will remember the sound of your voice most of all. With a warm, inviting voice, listeners will come back for more. Kuti outlines common mistakes podcasters make, and shares techniques on how to improve your podcasting voice.

Google and Future of Podcasting

How can you get your podcast to stand out among the 750k podcast shows globally? Getting your show discovered is one of the biggest challenges of podcasting. Stacie Chan will share Google’s efforts in supporting the growth of podcasters.

Content Creation With Mics

Which microphones to choose? That is the first question most podcasters ask when they first start out. Once you get a micrphone, how do you use it? Is it as simple as just turning it on and speaking? Adwin shares his tips and techniques in using microphones to create amazing audio content

Q&A Day 2

(Recording from 10 Nov Q&A)
Join Dr Gene Wu, Dave Visaya, Kou Aizhe, Sreeraman Thiagarajan and Anita Kapoor for Day 2 Q&A session of the Asia Podcast Summit

Q&A Day 1

(Recording from 9 Nov Q&A)
Join Bhrikuti Rai, Itisha Giri, Kuti Biazid, Bill Poorman, Natx Wang, Amit Doshi and Stacie Chan for Day 1 Q&A session of the Asia Podcast Summit

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