Ling Ling Asia Podcast Summit 2019 Host

Ling Ling, Tai

Since 2005, Ling Ling has been in corporate training, learning and development for Fortune 500 companies in the technology, travel and not-for-profit and across 21 different countries in America, Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific. She currently runs an intercultural consulting firm called Culture Spark Global.

She founded Southeast Asia’s leading podcast show on professional and organisational development, called Leaders of Learning. She garnered top interviews with Gary Vee, Andrea Edwards, Gina Romero, Dr Oberdan Marianetti and many more.

With listeners from over 130 countries, her podcast show reached #1 in Vietnam, Laos, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia and Cambodia, Top 2 in Singapore the Philippines in the iTunes Top Podcast Charts. Her podcast has recently reached 100k downloads in 1 year.

Currently, she is on a mission to help others to start their podcast show through consulting, coaching and education.

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