Kuti Biazid Asia Podcast Summit 2019

Kuti Biazid

Founder and Principal Trainer of Vocapedia, Kuti Biazid has 30 years’ experience as a voiceover artist. She has narrated thousands of audio work over the years for TV and radio commercials, documentaries, corporate videos, training manuals etc for a wide range of industries.

As a skilled voice practitioner, she also intuits how voice impacts the art of communication.Kuti also conducts 1-to-1 personalised voice and speech coaching for anyone who wishes to improve the way they speak and sound for work purposes or for personal development.  Her training modules are wide-ranging, from examining vocal demands to projection, pitch control, intonation, breath support, as well as articulation among others. Ultimately, she empowers clients to speak clearly, confidently and effectively.

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